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Get your Body Sculpted with one of our Specialists. 

Schedule you body sculpting appointment, we are located in Carpentersville, Illinois. 

Snatched Doll Mini-Mommy Makeover


A Mommy Makeover  restores and provides a more lifted, youthful look to your body contour.

Includes: RF Skin Tightening, Wood Therapy, Laser Lipo, Cavitation Treatment.

Snatched Doll Waistline              Reduction


This treatment removes excess fat deposits from the waist area. It targets stubborn fat pockets that are resistant to diet and exercise, helping to contour and shape the waistline.

Includes: Cavitation treatment, RF Skin tighten, Wood therapy.

Legs Ready For Summer-    (Cellulite Reduction)


 Non-surgical fat reduction technique that reduces subcutaneous fat in the thigh area.

Includes: Cavitation treatment, RF treatment, Wood therapy

Sun’s Out Bun's Out 



Non-surgical butt lift and body contouring is an amazing alternative for surgical butt lifts or implants. This procedure lifts the butt, gives more volume, improves the shape, correct hip dips, improve skin quality and cellulite.

Includes: NON INVASIVE BBL, Wood Therapy

      The Snatched Doll                     Hourglass


Our Customized treatment! Helps target legs, hip -dips, waistline, butt, and abdomen. This provides contouring of multiple areas.

Includes: Laser Lipo, Cavitation treatment, Rf Skin Tightening treatment, Wood therapy, Non Invasive BBL

The Snatched doll chin                    contour


Reduces fat and contours the jawline and neck. Includes: Wood Therapy

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