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IV Infusions

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IV infusions Drip Menu:

Recovery and Performance Infusion: Speed  up your recovery time after the gym. This infusion is designed to maximize your performance. Infused with  amino acids, and anti-oxidants.

Immunity Infusion:

This bag is made to help you get over viral or bacterial infection. This bag contains high dose of vitamin C , Zinc, and Vitamin B- Complex.

Weight-loss Infusion:

Fat loss and energy  support infusion with Vitamin B-12, amino-acids, L-Taurie, and B- complex. 

Beauty Infusion:

Give your skin that glowing boost with antioxidants  and Biotin to maintain a healthy complexion.

Hangover Infusion:

Recovery after alcohol consumption. This infusion is designed to prevent nausea vomiting, and electrolyte imbalance. Infused with Zofran, Mineral blend, and Vitamin B- complex.

Add Ons

VITAMIN B-12 SHOT:  Increase energy. 

GLUTATHIONE:  Super antioxidant. 

VITAMIN C SHOT:  Immune booster. 

VITAMIN D:   Fat- improve immunity, sleep, joint                        pain.(Requires vitamin D level). 

NAD+-:  Boost and improve cognitive function. 

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